Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa (PTY) Ltd.


Product : Feed Phosphates

50. Di-Calcium Phosphate, Dihydrate,Feed GradeTrade Name : Kynofos 18 Grande. Description : KYNOFOS 18 GRANDE is a feed grade dicalcium phosphate dehydrate.

KYNOFOS 18 GRANDE is produced by reacting defluorinated phosphoric acid (H3PO4) with slaked lime (Ca(OH)4,2H2O).

Only high quality defgluorinated phosphoric acid based on the high quality phosphate ore found in South Africais used in the closely controlled manufacturing process ensures a high bioavailability and a minimum of undesirable elements below those stipulated by the EU.

KYNOFOS 18 GRANDE is a granular, low dust, free flowing product. The product is soluble in diluted acids.

Composition, Typical values :

Total Phosphorus (P) 18%

Citric acid soluble P as % of toal P 96%

Calcium 23%

Magnesium  1.5%

Free Moisture 5.5%

pH   5.5-6.5

Ca to P ratio of 1.3:1.

Recommented Use / Application :

KYNOFOS 18 GRANDE is widely used as a versatile P-supplement for all types of feeds. The product is recommended for use is concentrate, compound feeds, mineral feeds and free-choice supplements for Ruminants, poultry, monogastrics and aquatic species.

Special Advantages :

* High quality pure dicalcium phosphate dehydrate,

* The dihydrous form of the product is more bioavailable than the anhydrous form.


Ca to P ratio of 1.3:1.

Neutral pH of 6.0

Minimum levels of undersirable elements

Low dust.

Rock Sources

Pack Size : 50 kg bag

Manufacturer & Origin : Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa (PTY) Ltd. ,South Africa.