Butiphorce 1065

Information sheet – Poultry

Butiphorce 1065 is recommended for a healthy gut wall, for optimal digestion and for high poultry performance (i.e. high growth rates, high laying percentage, low FCR, low mortality). Butyric acid has proven positive effects on the gut wall cells, on tight junctions and the immune system of poultry, resulting in higher feed digestibility and feed utilisation. The digestive system is key organ to achieve high animal performance. Butiphorce 1065 is an easy to use, non smelling and target release butyric acid source for animal feed to stimulate gut health and performance.


Butiphorce 1065 is composed of butyric acid tri- glycerides.

Dosage recommendation:


Starter feed                                   0.50 – 1.00 kg / ton

Grower feed                                 0,25 – 0,75 kg / ton

Finisher feed 0,25 – 0,50 kg / ton


Laying phase I 0,25-0,50 kg/ton Laying phase II 0,25-0,50 kg/ton Laying phase III 0,25-1,00 kg / ton


(pre)starter feed 1,00 -2.00 kg / ton

grower feed                                    0,50 – 1,00 kg / ton

Slow release butyric acid like Butiphorce 1065 supports high performance by
  • higher growth rates
  • better feed conversion ratios
  • improved maturation of gutwall cells, gut

integrity, tight junctions

  • offering easy to use, non smelling butyric acid source
  • target release butyric acid for entire intestinal tract
Physical properties & appearance:

Appearance                     powder

Colour                                white – slightly yellow

Smell                                    slight acidic

Packaging              25 kg bag

Shelf life                             recommended use within 24

months after production

     Storage                                 In dry and cool warehouse.

Longer term exposure to combinations of high humidity, high temperature and direct sunlight can degrade the product.

Digestase ADO 2.0

Information sheet – Poultry

Digestase ADO 2.0 is multi enzyme formula targetting wide spectrum of non digestible feed compounds. Digestase ADO 2.0 supports the digestion of Non-Starch plysaccharides like pentosans and glucans, Furthermore it contains cellulases, pectinases, amylased and proteases to support high digestion of vegetable feed ingredients.

Digestase ADO 2.0 also includes full phytase activity to release phytate from vegetable raw materials and optimise Putilisation.


Digestase ADO 2.0 contains following activities:

beta xylanase                            protease

beta glucana                              pectinase

amylase                                      cellulase


Dosage recommendation:

Poultry: 500-1000 g/ton of feed

Digestase ADO 2.0  supports poultry performance by

  • improving digestibility of feed
  • liberising energy, protein and P of the feed
  • eliminating negative impact of NSP’s (wet litter, dirty eggs, etc.)
  • digestion of fibres wich releases entrapped nutrients which leads to higher weight gains, lower feed conversion ratio, lower feed cost.

Physical properties & appearance:

Appearance                     powder

Colour                                greyish-brownish

Smell                                 light, typical

Packaging                         25 kg bag

Shelf life                             recommended use within 24

months after production Storage In dry and cool warehouse.

Oxblock 106

Information sheet

Oxblock 106 is used to protect feeds and premixes against oxidation. The synergistic combination of propylgallate and BHT function as antioxidant and radical scavenger. Citric acid can form chelates and thereby reduce the effect of metal ions like Cupper and Zinc that are often present in feeds. By prevention of oxidation, palatability is secured.


Oxblock 106 is a synergistic combination of Propylgallate, BHT and citric acid.

Dosage recommendation:

100 g / ton of animal feed.

For feed antioxidants it is important to assure good deviation (mixing) of the antioxidant over the feed

Oxblock 106 supports feed quality by:

  • highly efficient protection against oxidation
  • prolonges shelf life
  • improves palatability
  • protects fat soluble vitamins, pigments, etc. for oxidation
  • maintains nutritional value
  • excellent distribution throughout the feed and large surface area for optimal protection.

Physical properties & appearance:

Appearance                           powder

Colour                                      greyish

Smell                                       very light typical smell

Packaging    25 kg bag

Shelf life     recommended use within 12

                  months after production

Storage       In dry and cool warehouse.

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