Product : Protein Concentrate



Trade Name : Pro – Pak® (Maximize Poultry Performance with PRO-PAK® Fishmeal Analog

PRO-PAK® was formulated 50 years ago by H. J. Baker’s research and development personnel. PRO-PAK®s usage has grown enormously and is produced in three plants strategically located throughout the United States. PRO-PAK® is a Fishmeal Analog (does not contain any Mammalian {Beef & Porcine} materials), it is a combination of carefully screened poultry, marine and vegetable products formulated to produce the same response as a good quality 60% protein fishmeal including all the essential amino acids. Each production facility is equipped with an in-house laboratory. We carefully inspect all raw materials, rejecting any material that does not meet our high quality standards; so by using only the finest raw ingredients available, we can guarantee consistency of every PRO-PAK® shipment. The customer can rely on PRO-PAK® shipment after shipment for consistency, uniformity and high quality; eliminating costly reformulation and lost production time.



NUTRIENTS :Crude protein :       60.00%Crude fat                    8.10%

Phosphorus                2.20%

Calcium                    4.00%

Ash                           12.30%

Moisture                     5.20%

Pepsin Digestibility  90.00%

M.E. (KCAL / KG)  2865

AMINO ACID :Methionine        1.25%Cystine                 1.50%

Lysine                   3.50%

Isoleucine           2.32%

Threonine           2.40%

Valine                   3.30%

Tryptophan           0.40%

Arginine               3.84%

Glycine                 5.50%

Proline                  4.85%

* Values represent average independent lab analysis.

PRO-PAK® contributes a high level of amino acids, metabolizable energy and digestibility. Its benefits have been successfully proven through research by universities and independent nutritionists.

Recommended Uses                      :

For Starting Chicks                           : 5 to 7.5%

In Layer Diets                                     : 1 to 5%

Broiler   Diets                                      : 5 to 7.5%

Breeder Diets                                    : 4 to 6% of the diet

Fish Diets                                             : 6 to 10%

Shelf Life                                             : 12 Months from the date of manufacturing

Pack Size                                              : 50 kg bag

Made in                                               : USA

H. J. Baker & Bro., LLC, Origin : U.S.A


“This feed was produced in a facility certified in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed / Safe Food Certification Program, for details go to www. safefeedsafefood.org”