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Animal Nutrition

P.O. box. 902, SE-251 09 Helsingborg, Sweden.


Product : Feed phosphates


Monocalcium Phosphate, Feed Grade

Trade Name : BOLIFOR MCP-F (Appears as grey granules) Specification : Total phosphorus (P) min. 22.7%, Relative solubility in 2% citric acid 98%, Alkaline ammonium citrate 98%, Water 75%, Total calcium (Ca) Max. 16.0 % ,Ca:P ratio: 0.7: 1, Mangnesium 1%, pH 4-5, ash insoluble in 3N HCL, Moisture (Mechanical free water) < 3%, Soruce : rock Description : A feed grade monocalcium phosphate produced by means of reacting pure phosphoric acid and calcium sources in granulator at precise conditions. The phosphoric acid originates from Kemira’s own apatite mine in Siilinjarvi, Finland. After granulation the product is screened, cooled and transported to silo for further handiling, The selected raw materials, of non animal origin, and the production processes and end product with good phosphorus digestibility and a content of undersirable elements well below that stipulated by EU feed legislation, BOLIFOR MCP-F appears as a grey granules. The product is to a great extent soluble in water and diluted acids. BOLIFOR MCP-F is odourless but has an acidic taste.

Special Advantages :

                Granulated and free flowing which makes the product less dusty and easy to handle.

                Very high concentration of phosphrous which gives a reverse Ca:P ratio to DCP.

                Very high chemical solubility which gives the production exellent digestibility.

                Digestibility ranked second to MSP in all biological trains.

                Minimum of undesirable elements.

                Consistent quality.

Recommended Use / Applications :

The superior chemical solubility and biological availability makes BOLIFOR MCP-F a top ranked granular calcium and phoshorus source recommended for use in concentrates, compound feed, mineral feed and other feeds for cattle, pigs, poultry and all other animals. General Dose : 3-4 kg per ton of feed. Pack Size : 50 kg bag Manufactures and Origin : Yara Phosphates Oy, Animal Nutrition, P.O. box. 902, SE-251 09 Helsingborg, Sweden.