Kerry Food Ingredients & Flavours Ltd, Ireland.

Agal pro (a heat stable energy releasing enzyme)

Agal pro is a energy sparing enzyme and it contains alpha –galactosidase and 4 NSP enzyme based combo feed enzymes which acts on specially Soyabean meal, DDGS, Rapessed and other corn  rations.

 Mode of action:  

1.Alpha-Galactosidase enzyme acts on Soyabeam Meal and breakdown complex series of Sucrose,

Raffinose, Stachyose, Verbacose , Ajugose etc., and release enzyme which was blocked.

2.NSP enzymes like Glucanase , Xylanase, Cellulase, Pectinase acts on Corn, DDGS and other plant based nutrient.

 Alpha-Galactosidase: Hydrolysis of indigestible carbohydrates like Sucrose, Raffinose, Stachyose, Verbascose and Ajugose. Aga-Pro act on that Carbohydrates and release the energy which bird can utilize as per their need.

 Now Agal –Pro NSP enzymes MOA giving one by one below:

  1. Glucanase : Degradtion of beta Glucans. Also reduce the viscosity of gut contents and sticky droppings.
  2. Xylanase: Degradation of arabino Xylans in grains (Corn,wheat,DDGS). Also reduce the viscosity of gut contents and prevents sticky droppings.
  3. Cellulase: Degradation of Cellulosase, hemi-cellulose, lignin. Components of grains cell wall

(plant fibers) and encapsulation of nutrients.

  • Pectinase: Degradation of Pectin fiber. Encapsulation of nutrients.

Agal-Pro: Registered under Zoo-technical category in EU

   Dosage: For Broiler 200-250gm/MT of feed.

   Pack size:   20 kg Box

  Origin:  Kerry Food Products Indradients, Ireland.

  Ref: Commercial Poultry Nutrition          Steven Lesson and John D.Summer