(Optimize Poultry Performance with Pro-Pak 60®)

PRO-PAK® was developed 50 years ago and its usage has grown enormously. PRO-PAK® is formulated by AgPack’s technical and innovation team. PRO-PAK® is produced in porcine and bovine free plant strategically located in the United States.
PRO-PAK® is a Fish, Poultry and Veggie combination (No Mammalian [Beef & Porcine] materials are not included in PRO-PAK®), it is a formula of carefully selected poultry, marine and vegetable ingredients manufactured to yield the same performance as a good quality 60% protein fishmeal including all the essential amino acids. The facility is equipped with an in-house laboratory. All ingredients are evaluated, and any ingredient that does not meet the high quality standards is rejected. Therefore, we can assure consistency of every PRO-PAK® lot. Our customers can trust that PRO-PAK® stable, homogeneity and high quality; preventing performance and time loss.




Crude Protein


Crude Fat 8.00% Cysteine 1.50%
Crude Fiber
3.00% Lysine 4.00%
Phosphorus 1.50% Isoleucine 2.32%
Calcium 3.30% Threonine 2.40%
Ash 10.00% Valine 3.30%
Moisture 5.00% Tryptophan 0.40%
Pepsin Digestibility 90.00% Arginine 3.84%
M.E. (KCAL/KG) 2895 Glycine 5.50%
Linoleic Acid 1.22% Proline 4.85%
Sodium 0.35% Histidine 1.41%
Potassium 0.50% Phenylalanine 4.00%
Chloride 0.28% Leucine 8.70%
Magnesium 0.70%    

Values represent average independent lab analysis

PRO-PAK® delivers a high level of digestible amino acids, and metabolizable energy. Its performance have been proven by scientific literature and independent nutritionists.

Recommended Usage:

For Starting Chicks              : 5 to 7%

In Layer Diets                       : 2 to 5%

Broiler                                    : 4 to 6%

Breeder                                 : 4 to 6% of the diet

Fish                                        : 5 to 9%

Shelf Life                              : One year from the date of manufacturing

Pack Size                              : 50 kg bag

Made in U.S.A

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