DCP 17 (Feed Grade)


DCP is used as feed material, mainly offer mineral nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, etc for farm livestock fodder. It’s easy to be digested and absorbed by farm livestock, accelerating their growth and development, shortening the fattening period, gaining weight rapidly.

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1 Appearance In powder form OK
2 Phosphorus (P)                                               % 17.0 17.1
3 Citric Acid Soluble  Phosphorus (P)          % 14.0 16.9
4 Calcium (Ca)                                                    % 20.0 21.0
5 Fluorine (F)                                                       % 0.18 0.13
6 Arsenic (As)                                             mg/kg 30.0 10.0
7 Lead (Pb)                                                   mg/kg 30.0 10.0
8 Cadmium (Cd)                                        mg/kg 10.0 2.2
9 Moisture                                                            % 4.0 2.4
10 Paticle Size (pass 40 mesh)                        % 95.0 97.0

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