Balchem, Italy

Product : Feed Additives

48. Choline Chloride 60% (On vegetable carrier) World class quality, in Italy it is registered according to EU Regulation 183/2005 under Number a IT M00001 NO

Description of Choline : A Choline deficiency has been produced in several species of animals. In poultry, the deficiency is characterized by a fatty degeneration of the liver, a reduced rate of growth, perosis and in mature brids, a decrease in egg production and hatchability. Corn and other grains are poor sources of this vitamin. For this reasons practical diets for poultry must be supplemented with Choline. The most common source of choline for poultry diets is choline chloride which, on a pure basis, contains 86.79% Choline. The dietary requirement of poultry Choline depends upon such factors as the rate of egg production, nutrient composition of the diet, environmental factors and daily feed intake. Commonly used levels of Choline in pracital diets are shown below.

Specification : Choline Chloride 60 ± 1

Method of Analysis: SAM 269.22

Trimethylamine (TMA) Max. 0.04%

Water : Max. 2.5%

General Dosage : 50 gm /100 kg of feed.

Using Species : Broilers, Layers, Breeders, Ducks, Ruminants, Fish, Dogs & Cats etc.

Pack Size : 25 kg bag

Self Life : 2 years after production Date.

BALCHEM Corp.USA, Origin :Italy